Creating a Virtual Reality Game!


For those that don’t know I am currently studying to become a Virtual Reality Developer. For my latest project in my VR Nanodegree at Udacity I developed a mobile VR game called Puzzler. This game puts the player into a dark and mysterious dungeon with orbs as game pieces. The player is given the task of memorizing the sequence in which the orbs light up and make the same choices.





For this project I started by creating a user persona named Autumn to depict my average user of the game. Autumn is 37 years old and an OB/GYN as well as a single mother. Throughout the day she can sit with 40 to 50 patients for Ultra sound readings and consultations. Autumn has no VR experience and is looking for a way to bring more fun to her day.


User testing outcomes and iterations:


Throughout the process of creating this experience I asked various friends and co-workers to give me their feedback and assessment of the experience.  I wanted to ensure the scale and ambiance were comfortable and fit the setting appropriately. For example, I enlisted the help of my friend Marjorie.  I asked her various questions such as how big or small she felt, how the scene made her feel, etc. Afterwards she told me that she felt smaller than her normal size, the atmosphere felt gothic and like a medieval castle. So I went back and moved the camera higher to simulate being taller. After making that change she told me she felt her normal height.

Start Screen

Start screen

Game screen

 Inside Dungeon



End screen

Congrats restart

Puzzler Sketch



Breakdown of final piece

Puzzler Game Final Video CLICK HERE!

This game turned out to be everything I imagined and then some. As the user entered I wanted them to feel slightly trapped and that the only way out was to put their memory to the test. By carefully placing orbs at the center of the room I engaged the user to focus on the task at hand.




Designing this game has taught me that things may seem a different way on one medium such as a laptop but feel completely different on a mobile platform. So with constant user testing and careful examination of the slightest details I was able to complete the task at hand.


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