Honky Tonk Chillin’

Hey y’all what’s happnin… Ok I’ll stop now. This time my travels took me to Downtown Nashville, Tennessee the heart of country music.

After spending half the day laying down being a bumb I decided to venture out. One tip I can give you all is when you’re in a new city, ask the hotel staff where the best local food is. The staff told me about this great BBQ place called Jack’s BBQ on Broadway.

The menu is extremely simple, you can do a BBQ sandwich with brisket or chicken etc. with sides and cornbread, or you can do ribs with sides. Today I chose the ribs with Smokey sauce and they were amazing!! They have 3 kinds of BBQ sauce for you to serve yourself (Hot, Smokey & Mild, and a white sauce) however much you want. The meat was really tender and fell off the bone, the mashed potatoes were ok, but the Mac and cheese was not so good.

Overall, downtown Nashville is a cool place to be! There’s so many bars and live music venues for unsigned musicians. Also there are many memorials and statues in recognition of notable events and people of our country’s past. Lastly, if you find yourself in Nashville leave time for a bar crawl or two! 


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